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Diversity Charter

Diversity Charter

In 2014, PCC EXOL joined the international group of signatories to the Diversity Charter, a written obligation to implement a policy of equal treatment and diversity management and to actively combat discrimination and bullying in the workplace. Thanks to the benefits and measurable effects of implementing the principles of the Diversity Charter, the Company is perceived more positively by its employees and other stakeholders. Respecting the diversity of our employees and not discriminating on the basis of sex, age, health, nationality, or family status are among the most important values of our Company. Diversity has therefore become one of ethical values at PCC EXOL SA. The adopted values are not only a response to growing social awareness, they are also related to activities that support the development of our Company, justified from a business point of view.

<h5>Diversity Charter in place</h5>
<h3>since 2014</h3>
Diversity Charter in place

since 2014

<h3>66% of woman</h3>
<h5>holding managerial positions at PCC Exol SA</h5>

66% of woman

holding managerial positions at PCC Exol SA
<h5>Gender pay ratio in 2019</h5>


Gender pay ratio in 2019

The Diversity Charter brings social benefits which include increased integration and tolerance, reduced social stratification, and a better understanding of the needs, cultures, and behaviors of various environments. It goes beyond the current standards of Polish legislation. Companies such as PCC EXOL SA, which implement the provisions of this document, are expected to do more. The Diversity Charter also involves broad, cross-sector cooperation and by signing it, companies join a group of organizations that have become leaders in diversity management in Poland.