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Palm Oil

In November 2014, we passed the first surveillance audit, thus keeping the RSPO Mass Balance certificate which we received the year before. RSPO is the name of both the product certification system and the “Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil” organization. The RSPO mission is to transform the market in such a way that ecological palm oil becomes the norm in the entire supply chain, i.e., anywhere from oil plantations, oil mills, refineries, and chemical manufacturers, to finished products that reach end users. The main objective, effectively pursued by the RSPO, is to promote the use of palm oil from areas that do not contribute to the impoverishment of natural values or in any way adversely affect populations in oil palm cultivation areas. RSPO is the first and only certification system that uses labels to distinguish products with palm oil (foodstuffs, cosmetics, biofuel, and other products) from plantations that do not contribute to the destruction of natural ecosystems and do not affect them negatively, and where the people associated with these areas have preserved their traditions and culture.

<h5>Certificate since 2014</h5>


Certificate since 2014
<h3>We are one of 47 companies</h3>
<h5>in Poland belonging to RSPO</h5>

We are one of 47 companies

in Poland belonging to RSPO
<h3>We are RSPO-certified in the</h3>
<h5>Mass Balance variant</h5>

We are RSPO-certified in the

Mass Balance variant

The Diversity Charter brings social benefits that include increasing integration and tolerance, reducing stratification – RSPO members represent a variety of communities, including growers, producers, environmental and social NGOs, and companies such as PCC EXOL SA which use palm oil or its derivatives as raw materials for further production. Our objective in terms of promoting sustainable palm oil and its derivatives is to achieve 100% raw material identification throughout the supply chain by 2022. Read more about RSPO

Sustainable Palm Oil & Derivatives Production Policy
RSPO Certificate