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Sustainable Purchase of Raw Materials

Sustainable Purchase of Raw Materials

The surfactant market is an important sector of the economy in Poland and in the world, due to the extremely wide use of these chemical compounds in many industries. They improve the quality of life, and also make it possible to increase the efficiency of production using raw materials from sustainable sources.

This market is one of the most promising and technologically advanced areas of the chemical industry. It is still the domain of companies operating in the most economically developed regions of the world, such as Western Europe, Asia and North America.

The process of supplying raw materials is often associated with making many very difficult business decisions. They affect both the production costs and the final quality of our products. Cooperation with our suppliers takes place on the basis of the adopted General Purchase Conditions (GTC), which are available to all interested parties on the Company’s website. The selection and qualification of suppliers is carried out on the basis of the applicable internal procedures, which define the most important aspects of cooperation in the areas of quality, logistics and the principles of purchasing transactions.

Taking care of the quality of our business relations and the promotion of good practices, we have developed the Supplier Code of Ethics, which describes the minimum requirements of PCC EXOL S.A. in the field of supplier conduct in accordance with the values and principles of social responsibility and sustainable development.

All our suppliers are obliged to comply with generally applicable legal regulations, regardless of the provisions of the Suppliers’ Code of Ethics.

<h5>Suppliers’ Code of Ethics</h5>
since 2017</h3>
Suppliers’ Code of Ethics

since 2017

<h5>Internal Policy introduced</h5>
Sustainable Raw Material Procurement</h3>
Internal Policy introduced

Sustainable Raw Material Procurement

Trade Control Policy
Sustainable Purchasing Policy
Supplier Code of Ethics