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Safety is our priority

At PCC Exol SA, safety is one of our top priorities. Safe, modern technologies, tested systems, and cooperation with qualified services reduce the risk of many significant threats. One example of this is the continuous monitoring of production processes, the technical condition of plants, and devices that significantly improve the safety of employees, the environment, and local communities.
The Occupational Health and Safety Policy developed and implemented in the first quarter of 2014 is an important part of our approach to safety. Its main value is its strong focus on improving the culture of work safety, process safety, and prevention.
Preventive actions carried out by the Company in cooperation with the Security and Prevention Office at PCC Rokita SA are very important elements of safety management. They help us to effectively eliminate potential causes of dangerous events and to build a positive image of a safe company.

Occupational health and safety are important elements of social responsibility. We therefore strive to ensure the highest standards, e.g. by implementing a number of principles and procedures described in our internal normative acts. As a result, we have implemented appropriate guidelines that take into account health and safety aspects in all organizational units of the Company and in the processes that concern them. The regulated policies and guidelines apply to the employees of the company as well as all contractors and guests who enter the premises of the PCC Group.

At PCC Exol SA, we never stop improving the area of safety management. We are implementing the adopted health and safety policy and identifying and assessing risks using modern methods such as HAZOP or FMEA. Our Company actively participates in the activities carried out by the Safety and Prevention Office by implementing the latest failure prevention programs. It also addresses all reported issues related to occupational health and safety.

Thanks to modern technical and technological solutions, production processes in different plants at PCC Exol SA take place in strictly controlled conditions and are thoroughly supervised in a responsible manner.