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Good Manufacturing Practices

GMP EFfCI – Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic Ingredients

PCC EXOL SA is the first company in Poland to implement the certified GMP EFfCI Good Manufacturing Practices system in accordance with the guidelines of the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients. The GMP certificate is one of the key attributes of our Company, as it confirms that we comply with the highest standards at every stage of production of semi-finished cosmetic products, from the purchase of ingredients to the delivery of products to our customers. The Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices issued by the Federation is a reliable and objective proof of the quality and safety of ingredients for cosmetic manufacturers in Europe and worldwide

<h3>Good Manufacturing</h3>
<h5>Practices in place since 2014</h5>

Good Manufacturing

Practices in place since 2014
<h3>100% of client audits</h3>
<h5>completed with a positive result</h5>

100% of client audits

completed with a positive result
<h5>No. 1 company in Poland with the</h5>
<h3>GMP EFfCI certificate</h3>
No. 1 company in Poland with the

GMP EFfCI certificate

GMP affect all aspects of production. Supervision of these aspects is complex and often difficult. However, it allows us to meet the expectations of our customers who are satisfied with the safety and high quality of our products, and parameter repeatability. Their satisfaction motivates us to never stop developing and improving our Good Manufacturing Practices. They are widely used and promoted within the European Union and in other countries with a developed market economy, both for finished cosmetic products and ingredients for their production.

Achieving the right level of product quality is becoming extremely important for Polish entrepreneurs, not only due to the legal regulations in force, but also due to increased competitiveness, as a guaranteed good quality of products and services is the basis for expansion and entering new markets all around the world.