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Chemistry and Climate

Chemistry and Climate

At PCC EXOL SA, we identify and then control a wide range of environmental areas, such as the generation of sewage, waste, greenhouse gas emissions, release to soil, consumption of natural resources, and threats related to industrial failures. At present, our focus is on greenhouse gas emissions.

<h5>We have been reporting emissions since</h5>
We have been reporting emissions since


<h3>In 2019 we achieved level B,</h3>
<h5>the average result of a global company is level D</h5>

In 2019 we achieved level B,

the average result of a global company is level D

Thanks to the global projects in which PCC EXOL SA participates, we can measure, plan, and control our impact on climate change, while also having a unique opportunity to be evaluated by prestigious international business, scientific, industry, ecological, and social bodies. One of the prestigious initiatives in which we take part is the broadly understood reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and undertaking initiatives to reduce them. By participating in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), we have committed ourselves to preparing an annual detailed emission report. It is subject to assessment in terms of a number of specific factors, such as the quality and complexity of the data and the effectiveness of activities aimed at reducing emissions in individual areas of the company’s operations.