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About the Company

We design the world of surfactants…

We create innovations and act responsibility.

About the Company

About the Company

PCC Exol SA is an important actor on the European surfactant market. It is the unquestionable leader in its industry in the Eastern and East-Central Europe. Most of the production facilities and the company headquarters are located in Brzeg Dolny near Wrocław. It is here that we design, test, and manufacture a wide range of anionic, non-ionic, amphoteric surfactants and specialized industrial formulations. In 2011, the Company completed one of the largest investment projects in recent years by launching a modern ethoxylate plant in Płock. This gave us flexibility in terms of production, which allowed us to expand the offer of anionic and non-ionic surfactants used in many specialized industry applications. The company’s product portfolio is updated on an ongoing basis – new items are added depending on current market trends and individual needs of our Customers. The surfactants produced in the plants are widely used in industrial applications. In addition to household chemicals, personal care products, and the textile industry, they are widely used as wetting agents, emulsifiers, auxiliary agents in the paper industry, metallurgy, and many other areas.

<h5>We deliver products to more than</h5>
<h3>700 Customers</h3>
<h5>around the world</h5>
We deliver products to more than

700 Customers

around the world
<h5>Company revenue in 2022</h5>
<h3><strong>EUR 250 724 000</strong></h3>
Company revenue in 2022

EUR 250 724 000

<h5>The total annual production capacity of our plant is</h5>
<h3>137.000 tonnes</h3>
The total annual production capacity of our plant is

137.000 tonnes

<h5>We supply more than</h5>
<h3>700 Products</h3>
<h5>for various industrial applications</h5>
We supply more than

700 Products

for various industrial applications
<h5>We have more than</h5>
<h3>300 employees</h3>
We have more than

300 employees

<h5>Our sites</h5>
<h3>Brzeg Dolny and Płock</h3>
Our sites

Brzeg Dolny and Płock

The strategic goal of the companies which comprise the international PCC SE concern is to invest in the most effective production lines. The strategic goal of the companies which comprise the international PCC SE concern is to invest in the most effective production lines. As one of the leading manufacturers of chemical products, by using modern technologies and acting on the basis of the principle of sustainable development, the company undertakes investment activities with due care for the environment. PCC Exol SA is also a capital group with two subsidiaries:

PCC Chemax Inc. based in Piedmont (South Carolina, USA), PCC Exol Kýmya Sanayý Ve Týcaret Lýmýted Ţýrketý based in Istanbul (Turkey),

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